Registration Terms and Conditions

  1. The Students failure to attend lectures for whatsoever reason shall in no way entitle him/her to a reduction in fees and other charges, please note that the college reserves right to admit the students in the final exams after have met the necessary requirements.
  2. The College reserves the right to create and apply rules and the student hereby agrees to be bound by such rules and holds himself/herself bound by all provisions thereof and by the rules and regulations of this centre for the time being in force. 
  3. The students must acknowledge that under provision set for registration a student cancelling his/her studies at this centre holds him/her-self bound by the College process and cancelling of studies.
  4. The applicant will be liable for any lessons missed and the college reserves the right to restrict entry to assessment where the applicant has not met the minimum contract requirements.
  5. The college reserves the right to make use of any photos, images taken of the applicant for promotional purposes and that where such may arise, the applicant will claim no costs from the college.
  6. In case of any circumstances beyond the college control i.e. acts of nature, earth quakes or enemies of the state, the College reserves the right to cease lectures and close down temporarily while every effort will be made to resume the lectures as soon as possible. No warranties are made in this regard and no liabilities or claims shall be made against the college.
  7. Student(s) involving themselves in irregular act(s) such as unruly, threatening, aggressive or intimidating behavior or disobedience of instruction by facilitator or administrator/official authority shall place their studies in jeopardy and disciplinary measures shall be applied leading to a suspension or a possible expulsion from Shalom College without any cash refund. 
  8. It is the responsibility of a learner to ensure that all registration entries are accurately completed signed and returned to the college in time for submission to the examining bodies on or before the stipulated deadline set by Shalom college. In addition students are encouraged to check their national examinations preliminary schedules to confirm accuracy of information supplied as per entries. NOTE: The college will not be responsible for any negligence or inconvenience suffered by the student as a result of inaccurate information supplied. 
  9. The registration form is a property of Shalom College. If found in possession of an illegally obtained registration form bearing a signature of a Shalom College Representative(s), then you will be liable for prosecution in the court of law.
  10. All college registrations are considered to be on a full year registration status except if stated otherwise on the day of registration. Other than that, change of registration status(for example from annual to semester or semester to trimester or full time to part time or exam only) shall be approved by the Centre Manager or principal upon receiving a written request within 30 days of current trimester or semester. Then a response shall be issued within 30 days of receiving the letter.
  11. The College will not be held liable for any inconvenience caused to a student as a result of late payments or failing to comply with full payment of Course fees at the End of a semester/Academic year. The College requires them to be fully paid before seating for Final Exams. NB Students who attend for the whole year & paying their course fees monthly doesn’t mean skipping payment of Course fees, so they will be liable to payment of Total Course fees as stated in the quotation.
  12. While every effort will made to ensure a safe environment at the College. The College will not accept liabilities for any bodily harm caused to the student in and around the school premises however First Aid will be provided by the College.
  13. International applicants must show proof of sufficient funds for the course being registered for in the academic period by depositing 50% of the Annual fees.
  14. Students, parents or guardians must ensure that changes of address or any other important information given must be updated in time to facilitate two way communication between the parents and the college.